Standard Double 600,000 сум
Semilux 750,000 сум
Delux 1,000,000 сум
VIP 1,500,000 сум

Цены действительны с 20 янаваря 2019г.

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"CHORVOQ OROMGOHI" is located within Chimgan-Chorvoq recreation area near Chorvoq Reservoir 80km from Tashkent, Capital of Uzbekistan. 
Here you will find facilities to suit you needs and make your stay unforgettable. “CHORVOQ OROMGOHI” is one of the best resorts in the country located just near deep mountain lake enchained by high mountains and hills. We offer you the following options: either to take advantage of sunbathing on the beaches or go for challenging tour through mountain paths.

Main buildings consisting of 3 buildings with total 208 rooms, restaurants, disco, business center, conference halls, bowling  center, swimming pools, conference halls, PCs with Internet access, fitness center and medical aid.
We do our best to offer you all the conditions and facilities required to make your stay pleasant we sincerely hope that you'll be pleased with comfortableness of rooms, services and magnificent weather which reflect the uniqueness of recreation center "CHORVOQ OROMGOHI".

Bowling Center

Brand new bowling lanes. Be there to play!
Latest Qubica AMF 90XLi equipment, 8 lanes, Lane bumpers available, up to 6 players per lane.